We were proud we were chosen


May 18    Marriage of Natalia and Anthony at Marriott Hotel

May 31    Marriage of Catherine and Gary in Jávea Parador

June 1    Civil Marriage of Pam & George at Jávea Parador

June 8    Marriage of Daniela and Geoffrey in Port Church

June 15    Marriage of Kerry & Barry in Jávea Parador Hotel

June 15    Renewal of Vows by Helen and George in Moraira

June 16    Marriage of Linda and Terry in Lliber

June 23    Marriage of Alexandra and Paul in Jávea Parador

July 26    Marriage of Sadie and Dominic in Moraira

August 5    Marriage of Gabriela and Gary in Jávea

August 25    Marriage of Joanna and Dean in Moraira

Sept. 22            Marriage of Anna and Matthew in Moraira

October 27    Marriage of Dorothy and Tony in Calpe


May 10    Marriage of Lisa and Andrew in Jávea Parador

June 7    Marriage of Emma and Dean in Jávea Parador

June 17    Marriage of Tracey and Peter at Villa Sundance

June 25    Marriage of Emma and Neil in Moraira

June 27    Marriage of Samantha and Alan at Marriott Hotel

August 27    Marriage of Hilary and Trevor in Cumbre del Sol

August 29    Marriage of Kim and Paul at Marriott Hotel

Sept. 12              Marriage of Jemma and Andrew in Denia

Sept. 13            Marriage of Charlotte and Guy in Jávea Parador

Sept. 20            Marriage of Rachael and Josef in Villa Sundance


June 26              Marriage of Lianna and Gareth in Moraira

June 27              Marriage of Angela and Andrew in Lliber

July 2                 Marriage of Rebecca and Gordon in Moraira SH

July 18               Marriage of Susan and Paul at their La Plana villa

July 26               40th Renewal of Voes by Margaret and Peter

August 27           Marriage of Linda and George in Benissa

Sept. 10              Marriage of Lerisha and Jasper in Santa Pola

Sept. 12              Marriage of Lauren and David in Villa Sundance

Sept. 12              Marriage of Joanne and Xavier at Marriott Hotel

Sept. 12              Marriage of Julie and Dean, Pueblo Blanca, Calpe

Sept. 15              Marriage of Evelyn and Paul in Benidorm

October 22        Marriage of Ann and Robert in Moraira

November 14     Marriage of Julie and Stephen in Benidorm

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