Who is CliveRead.com ?


Name: Clive Read

Age: If you can work it out in             your head, you’re probably as old as I am

Birthday: May 2, 1939

College: Dartford Tech.

Major: Work

Favourite Color: Red

Favourite Book: Bible

Favourite Movie: Bambi

Favourite Food: WOK

Favourite Quote: God is working all things together for good (Romans 8:28)

There is no easy answer

Born in Foots Cray, Kent - my elder brother expected a train set - I was a misfit in school and left as soon as I could to work. Photo-journalist (Berwick-on-Tweed and Melton Mowbray), Advertising Production and Market Development Officer to the UK Steel Castings Industry (SCRATA) gave me the ability survive - provided I had Ann, whom I married on 1st October 1060 - to support and encourage me. I was the accelerator, and Ann the brake, so we kept a steady line and speed. Our lives were blest by the arrival of our son - Peter.

        You’ll learn more when I publish “Serving Him by serving others”.